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Cityrad Cityrad

Urban or city bikes have an upright ergonomic riding position and low frame with is easy to mount while wearing a skirt or suit. The bikes have few gears or none at all. All the lights, baskets, mudguards, etc. that you need in the city are on hand. These bikes require low or no maintenance as any gears are hidden inside the hub and do not need cleaning.

The urban bikes catalogue offers anything from aggressive, sleek sporty models to laid back bikes for a slow and relaxed ride.

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Atemschutz FFP3 Filter für MaskPro Maske

Atemschutz FFP3 Filter für MaskPro Maske

Preis: €8.95
Listepreis: €9.95
Rabatt Info
Rabat Info
Preis: €8.95
Listepreis: €9.95
Rabatt: €0.99 (10.00%)
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