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Choose Your Frame Size for MTB / City / Urban

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Wählen Sie Ihre Road & Trekking Bikes Frame-Größe

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Cityrad (24)

Urban or city bikes have an upright ergonomic riding position and low frame with is easy to mount while wearing a skirt or suit. The bikes have few gears or none at all. All the lights, baskets, mudguards, etc. that you need in the city are on hand. These bikes require low or no maintenance as any gears are hidden inside the hub and do not need cleaning.

The urban bikes catalogue offers anything from aggressive, sleek sporty models to laid back bikes for a slow and relaxed ride.

Trekkingrad (12)

Treking or Hybrid bikes that combine the best of several styles to make them suitable for cycling  long distances, often carrying luggage. Trekking bikes usually come equipped with luggage carrier for attaching panners, mudguards, lights and other accessories to make the jurney enjoyable.

Rennrad (18)

State of the art competition-ready bicycles, properly proportioned and ideally balanced.Full compatability with mechanical and electronic shifting system(ESS) and premium components like alloy 11speed DURA ACE Di2 braze-on self-adjusting front deraileur by SHIMANO. We have employed innovative technical solutions and achieved no loss of realibility, stability and durability of stiffness. We use internally routed cables - Cable Inside Dynamic System (CIS), integrated carbon fibre dropouts and Drive Control topered headset. 

Track (0)

A track bicycle or track bike is a bicycle optimized for racing at a velodrome or outdoor track. Unlike road bicycles, the track bike is a fixed-gear bicycle; thus, it has only a single gear and has neither a freewheel nor brakes. Tires are narrow and inflated to high pressure to reduce rolling resistance. Tubular tires are most often used in track racing and training, though advances in clincher tire design have seen them being used somewhat more often.

You can chose few models available in our site

Hardtail MTB (15)


Mountainbikes günstig im Sportalle Shop kaufen

Mountainbikes (kurz: MTB) sind Fahrräder, die für den Einsatz im Gelände ausgelegt sind - mit breiten Reifen, geradem Lenker und 21 bis 27 Gang Schaltung. Mountainbikes unterscheidet man in Fullys und Hardtails. Beim Hardtails gibt es schon neue Kategorie so genante Fat Bikes (Fett Fahrräder).

Fully sind vollgefederte Mounntainbikes - Vorderradgabel und Rahmenhiterbau sind geferdert.

Bei Hardtails ist nur die Vorderradgabel geferdet.

Bei Fett Bikes ist die Vorderradgabel nicht geferdet.

Finden Sie auf das perfekte Mountainbike für jedes Familienmitglied. Wir haben auch große Auswahl von Kinder MTBs.


Full Suspension (3)

Full suspension  bikes feature shock absorbers at the front and back. With an ability to climb as well as descend , these bikes are designed to handle anything a mountain biker might come across on a full day of riding.  Recently the use of advanced carbon fiber composites has allowed engineers to produce bikes under 10kg.

Junior (12)

We pay special attention to our little riders - our bike collection for kids includes a wide range of models. Beautifully coloured light alloy frames , high quality materials and precision in manufacturing complete all kid bikes in the same way as their parents. Only in this way we could be sure we achieved safety, reliability and risk free use with every ride. With this bicycles your kid dream will come trough. Our special Kid Fit system has turend our chilrdren's bikes into a houshold name. Kid Fit means: Adjustable handlebar, easy to fit to kid's height and arm lenght.Attractive foam pad for additional protection. Smaller kid-sized grips for better ride control. Grips have a ball shaped end to stop small hands slipping and to provide extra protection from falls. Brake lever adjuster to adapt to the growing child.  Two positions on the crank arm allow pedals to be adjusted as the child grows. Plastic chain and cranc guard for additional protection.

Dammen Fahrrad (7)

Urban or city bikes in Lady Style have an upright ergonomic riding position and low frame with is easy to mount while wearing a skirt or suit. The bikes have few gears or none at all. All the lights, baskets, mudguards, etc. that you need in the city are on hand. These bikes require low or no maintenance as any gears are hidden inside the hub and do not need cleaning.

The urban bikes catalogue offers anything from aggressive, sleek sporty models to laid back bikes for a slow and relaxed ride.

e-Bikes (10)

Das Elektro-Fahrrad, E-Bike oder Pedelec (steht für Pedal Electric Cycle) ist eine allgemeine Bezeichnung für ein Fahrrad, das mit einer Trethilfe durch einen Elektro-Hilfsmotor auskommt. Die Leistung des Elektromotors dient dabei unterstützend und kann nur durch die eigene Tretkraft aktiviert werden.        

Freestyle (4)

Dirt Jump or Freestyle bikes are similar in appearance to mountain bikes but have a lower stand-over height, which keeps the seat out of the way whiletricks are being performed. The wheels are usually more robust than those of cross country mountain bikes, as is the frame. Frames are built for a balance of strength and light weight. A mountain bike built for dirt jumping tends to have a smaller frame than for the other disciplines. It is common to run single speed and to use only a rear break. Nowdays, single or dual disk brakes have replaced the use of only one rear V-break.

Rahmen (1)

  • Sportalle is pleased to offer our exclusive brands frame selection to advanced bikers. We believe that our premium brands technology can help achieve results limited only by your imagination.

  • A profi or an amateur biker - you can DRAG your dreams beyond the limits with the carbon or ultralight alloy technologies used in our frames.     


  • Road Racing
    • After undergoing extensive and scrupulous improvements and testing, our Road Race group came out with an outstanding carbon and ultralight alloy frames. Carbon frames are built as monocoque for perfect geometry/aerodynamics and rigidity. Significant reduction in the weight of alloy frames is achieved using state-of-the art hydroforming tube technology. In-house developed graphical design makes this group stand out from the crowd.


  • MTB hard tail alloy
    • State-of-the art tube hydroforming technology, tapered head tube, in-tube cable system helped develop frames with outstanding performance and vision. More aggressive design, better handling and high performance are just a small part of the core features achieved. A rear drop out with post mount implements, the carbon frame design along with the new slim rear stays make the bicycles exceptionally flexible keeping their high competitive characteristics at the same time.


    • Our frame collection features substantial change of frames geometry. The sizes were extended so we can cover wider customer group starting from amateurs and advanced bikers up to the level of profi and including special design for  national teams. 

Halfbike (4)

Halfbike is great for commuting and transforms it from a monotonous task into a vibrant part of our everyday life. It is suitable for short distances and in conjunction with public transport could be taken on board for longer trips. Halfbike is compact enough for an elevator, light enough to carry it on stairs and fits into spaces too small for a normal bike. If you just want to do some exercise it’s perfect for a Sunday morning in the park. Riding it mimics low impact style running and is great for “bike-jogging”. The joy of riding it can give you motivation to go out and have some fun.

Colors: The Halfbike comes in five different color combinations. Black (all black), White (white frame and natural color handlebar), Pink (pink frame and black handlebar), Lime (green frame and black handlebar) and Mint (blue frame and black handlebar)

Sizes: Three sizes are available. Depending on the rider’s height we recommend:
Size S – for people between 150 and 165 cm tall (4’11” to 5’5”)
Size M – for people between 165 and 183 cm tall (5’5” to 6’0”)
Size L – for people between 183 and 193 cm tall (6’0” to 6’4”)

Weight: The maximum weight of the rider is 95kg/210lbs.

Frame: The frame is laser cut and made of aerospace grade aluminum. This makes it light and yet strong enough to endure years of riding. Once we have the frames ready we send them to a paint shop where they’re powder coated. The paints that we use are from the automobile industry so durability is guaranteed.

Truck: We went to great lengths to design and test one that fits the Halfbike like a glove. At first we used a standard mountainboard truck for the job but despite choosing one of the best trucks available on the market its limitations soon became obvious. So now we have one of our own design that functions much better and has an integrated brake system.

Handlebar: We use good quality water resistant beech plywood for the handlebar. It’s lighter compared to aluminum plus it gives a nice flex to the handlebar that in our opinion improves the ride. We’ve also developed a special technology to impregnate all plywood pieces to ensure they stay intact rain or shine.

Gears: Hub with three internal gears by Sturmey Archer – a prime European manufacturer with over a century of experience in making internal gear hubs. We’re confident that this is one of the best hubs on the market and will endure years of use with practically no maintenance whatsoever.

Crankset and pedals: The crank is made of aluminum, has a hollow axle and is used primarily for downhill bikes. In combination with high end pedals and a custom bottom bracket that we’ve developed to meet the greater stress endured by a Halfbike makes for a rigid and reliable system.

Tires: Both tires and tubes are supplied by Schwalbe – yet another well renowned European manufacturer.

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