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Price: €124.80
Weight: 5.000 Kgs
Code: 669393825487

  • Bulgarian punch bag
  • Extremly useful training gear
  • Strengthens entire upper body, abdominal and hand muscles
  • Originally from the rump training of the wrestlers
  • High quality leather surface for extrem durability

  • Bulgarian Bag Size:

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The Bulgarian Bag is a multifunctional weight training device, with which you can combine all body parts, combined and trained in isolation. Originally designed for professional wrestlers, the Bulgarian Bag has become the secret of many combat, strength and skill athletes. The bag can perform all the exercises that you can do with kettlebells, barbells, dumbbells, medicine balls and weight vests.

In addition to these conventional exercises, the Bulgarian Bag is also suitable for exercises that are not familiar to you from your traditional workout, but will optimize your workout and add new stimulation to muscle growth. The dynamics of these specific movements help your body to effectively burn fat. Athletes of every sport - professional and amateur athletes - can benefit from these unique training techniques.

Made of high quality synthetic leather, these bags are extremely durable and durable. The improved design, the black color and the material differentiates this model from the real leather variant. The quality remains impeccable, as with all Suples products. Try it yourself!

Are you Suples Strong?

1 year warranty for all non leather products!
Please note: Because all Bulgarian bags are made by hand, there may be color variations, as well as slight variations in dimensions and / or weight. Small inclusions in the leather are included and give the unmistakable artisanal character of the Bulgarian bag.

Each Bulgarian Bag comes with an introductory DVD. This DVD contains instructions on the various exercises and their correct execution.

"Do not underestimate the weight of Bulgarian bags. The bag is not a dumbbell or a normal free weight ". - Suples master Ivan Ivanov

* 1 Year Warranty for all non leather products

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