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Price: €109.20
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  • Weight:
    0.000 Kgs
  • Material - Canvas
  • High quality und robust design guarantees long live
  • Perfect for Outdoor and Indoor Training
  • Develops dynamic power, strength and muscle endurance
  • Suitable for whole body training as well as for single exercises
  • Delivered with instruction and training-DVD 
Bulgarian Bag Size:

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Small Range

13lbs or 6kg/17lbs or 8kg

The small bags are recommended for women with an average level of strength and conditioning or who have no experience with the Bulgarian Bag training. These bags will be too light for most men unless their age, health, and/or other factors need to be considered. Even if you are a strong or capable athlete, it may be best to start with a small bag to learn the movements first, then eventually move up to the medium bag. Its green straps identify this bag size.

Large Range

33lbs or 15kg/37lbs or 17kg/42lbs or 19kg

The large bags are recommended for the athlete with superior anaerobic capacity and conditioning. It would be extremely difficult to use these bags for a full standard work out without prior bag training or conditioning. This bag places great demand on grip strength and endurance. The casual user will have difficulty using these bags. Its silver straps identify this bag size.

X Large Range

44lbs or 20kg/50lbs or 22kg/58lbs or 26kg

Recommended for physically well-prepared athletes with outstanding strength and anaerobic conditioning. These bags are not meant for the casual user. They are demanding on all levels and should only be used by the experienced athlete. Its brown straps identify this bag size.

XX Large Range

66lbs or 30kg/75lbs or 34kg/84lbs or 38kg

Designed for those who focus on strength and power in their workouts. This bag is recommended for those with experience with the Bulgarian bag and wish to increase their overall strength in fitness. It’s a high intensity, brute strength, bag that will push you to your limits.

* 1 Year Warranty for all canavas products