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Price: €115.00
Code: 767523670942

  • Material - Canvas
  • High quality und robust design guarantees long live
  • Perfect for Outdoor and Indoor Training
  • Fitness training for ladies -with Bulgarian Bag to a perfect body shape 
  • Suitable for whole body training as well as for single exercises
  • Delivered with instruction and training-DVD 

  • Bulgarian Bag Size:

No Availability

Small Range

13lbs or 6kg/17lbs or 8kg

The small bags are recommended for women with an average level of strength and conditioning or who have no experience with the Bulgarian Bag training. These bags will be too light for most men unless their age, health, and/or other factors need to be considered. Even if you are a strong or capable athlete, it may be best to start with a small bag to learn the movements first, then eventually move up to the medium bag. Its green straps identify this bag size.


* 2 Years Warranty for all leather products

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