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  • The Z Hydro S makes the perfect companion for short rides and the zipped pocket means you can take along the essentials.
  • This minimalist bag is lightweight and moulds to the body. The ventilated straps are also adjustable giving the perfect fit to each individual.
  • The PEVA water bladder has a capacity of 1.5L and assures enough hydration for 2 hours of riding.
  • The large opening makes it quick and easy to clean.
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Material: TPU
Farben: Rot & Schwarz 7063 / Rot & Blau 7063A
Gewicht: 180 g
Inhalt: 1 L + 1.5 L Trinkblase
Länge des schlauches: Wasser tasche: 1000 mm
Reissverschluss: Zip
Fächer: 1 grosse, zentrale Tasche für die Trinkblase, 1 Tasche mit 2 Abteilen, 1 Tasche für ein Telefon, 1 Hacken für den Schlüsselbund