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Suples Fit Leather Bell

Price: €159.60
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  • Weight:
    4.000 Kgs
  • High quality and robust Leather Kettlebell 
  • The multi ply structure from natural materials gurantees optimal and safe Training
  • The improved style and design helps to optimize the motion sequence and therefore makes the training optimal
Supless Leather Bell Size:

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Suples® Leather Bell

Produced with high-quality workmanship, the Foeldeak Leather Bell made by Suples leaves nothing to be desired.

Once you've handled a Leather Bell and performed the first exercises, you are immediately aware of the amazing exercise device you're holding. No flashy electronics, no high-tech gadgets – it's simplicity at its finest.

The new extraordinary Foeldeak Leather Bell made by Suples can be used everywhere! The traditional kettlebell is a crude iron ball with a handle attached to it. Falling with a weight of 35 or 52 pounds to the floor – or worse, onto your foot during exercise will not happen with the Leather Bell. Made with five mm thick leather, highly tear-resistant fabric, metal fragments and Kevlar, guarantee absolute safety with similar flight and throw qualities of a traditional kettle bell. At home on the third floor, in a hotel room, or even barefoot on the beach the Leather Bell is always with you.

Quiet, safe, and highly effective.

* 2 Year Warranty for all Genuine leather products